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No Choice formed in Grand Forks in 2001 as a pseudo nu-metal band with influences ranging from Refused to Vision of Disorder to Hed PE. While not much success was found, No Choice did produce two very good songs, "Again, and Nowhere To Go".



  • Ryan Haugland was replaced by Neil Wadawan as drummer just before the band played their final show.
  • Neil Wadawan was replaced by Joe Bailey in late 2002.
  • Patrick Joyner left the band to start a different band, Fusion (which included Tyler Larson of Schmelbys, The), which led Joyner to start his Forevergreen Productions record label shortly thereafter.
  • After the departure of the original members of the band (Ryan Haugland and Patrick Joyner), the band then became Small Town Drunk, when Joe Bailey joined.
  • Played one of the final ten shows at Kirby's before it closed.


  • Final show was in Crookston, MN, later 2002.

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  • Live From The Basement - 2001, Self-Released
  • No Choice Four Song Demo - 2002, Self-Released

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