Les Dirty Frenchmen

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Messing up stages since 1999. Troy was in 7 O' Clock Sucker for about 5 minutes and he was in the Grossouts. Todd was also in the Grossouts. Justin and Phil were in the Trans Ams.


Early shows were marked with wrecked stages, torn clothing, damaged microphones, shots drank from dirty converse shoes, and personal injury. Some shows literally took the band days to recover from. They dressed up as Boston and covered "Long Time," "Rock and Roll Band," "More than a feeling," "Take A look Ahead" on Halloween 2003 (pictures are available at http://www.dartrecords.com/ldf_halloween.html). The previous year, they appeared on stage in New York Dolls costumes (no covers though).

I would like to apologize for the large amount of beer i would dose the band with, it was funny the first time, not so after twenty or so. Troy would always say stupid shit like, "We need to get crazy tonight!!"

They played at the Vans Warped Tour when the travelling show made it's way to Fargo's version of a "dome."

They like doing obscure and not-so-obscure covers--with one to three songs of each set usually reserved for tunes by some of their favorite bands. Past & present songs you'll hear include the Novas, The Humpers, Dictators, Ramones, Richard Hell, Boston, Dow Jones & The Industrials, The Skinnies, Rolling Stones, Scientists, Misfits, Rezillos, Waylon Jennings, Pagans, Wanda Jackson, etc.


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