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Abandon Scout Camp were the organizers of the Fargo Winter Carnival, an all day music and arts event held at the Fargo Theatre in February. The packaging and artwork were innovative and fresh, designed by local artists. (One compilation came in a wooden box with a wood burned image of the ACS logo)



  • Dorthy Fix/Nic Garcia "Split 7 inch"
  • Stene Racing "Salvaged Olds"
  • V/A "Winter Carnival 2003" (Josh Harty, 20 Second Bomb, Neverwill, Manchester Bulge, Not To Be Mixed With Any Other Chemicals, When the Dime Falls, Brian Johnson, The Tarryers, Lost for Cause, Fakeproject, Dorthy Fix, The Sinhorses, When Something Fails, St. Vitas, The Deaths, Badimo, Party Store Minnows, Blood Dries Black)
  • V/A "Fall Tour Compilation" (Dorthy Fix, St. Vitas, Nic Garcia, Mavis Farr, Soul Incense, Alyssa Notermann, Andy Smenkowski, Fake, The Beev, Handsome Terrorists)
  • V/A "Winter Carnivale 2004" (Leo Rondeau & The Rambler, Broken Face, Ken Parker, child carrier Manchester Bulge, Josh Harty, When the Dime Falls, Strong Like Bear, Artbreaker, Me and the Man, Dorthy Fix, Sigcell, Brenda Weiler & Kid Dakota, Nic Garcia, When Something Fails, Fake, Badimo, June Panic, My Impending Watery Grave, Adam Hagen, St. Vitas, Les Dirty Frenchmen, The Chris Danforths)
  • Dorthy Fix "Yourself"



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