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why not minot? minot show with floid matrix and drove to minot from fargo and back in a very small pick up truck with a very small extended cab with floid matrix and preston olson. on the adventure we caravaned with the scrodonauts in one car and issac breaks glass (also playing the show) in the other and floid matrix proceeded to throw items at both cars while writing messages on notebooks such as "nafta sux" and making sure the bands could read them. fun times.

Human microphone stands and suzy and amy professional dancers whilst playing the last slot at dry hump fest.


Some of my fave memories were when we played jay's keg parties for 3 cosecutive weekends or something like that. The house was packed, it was our first shows and I was so nervous.. but it was so intense, stopping every other song because people were pushing and piling into the basement and falling onto us and we were just laughing.- Rod -


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