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Age of Consent was created as a fill-in band for a show in Grand Forks with Mothmus, Orange 17 was supposed to play but could not. Instead Mark Schumacher from Kitty Porn and Joe Vesel decided to play the show anyway, and started to ask around for a guitar player the day of the show. Finally finding Robin Garland available (although I seem to remember he broke a movie date with his then-girlfriend Steph), they drove up to Grand Forks and wrote a few songs in the car on the way up. What started as a joke actually became somewhat fun, and with a few practices and adopting Guy Nelson for vocals and Jimmy Uhlir/Aaron Pedersen for some keyboard work, they played a few shows in the next year.



song titles include:

  • babe the big blue ox
  • the march of dimes
  • chicago
  • minneapolis bitches
  • go gobots go
  • freshman in college
  • teeny bopper
  • cowboy song


  • September?? 1999 - Some coffee shop in Grand Forks w/ Mothmus
  • October?? 1999 - Ralphs w/ Low-Fi
  • Dec 28th 1999 - Casselton ND VFW w/ Wisconsin Dells
  • January? 2000 - American Legion Fargo w/Midnight Evils, Eagle Scouts
  • March??? 2000 - Moorhead Discontent Skate Park w/ Feadback, Wisconsin Dells?
  • March? 2000 - All Star Bowl w/ Wesly Willis, Somebody's Kids?
  • March? 2000 - Eagles Club/Am Leg / many bands - played a show downstairs at the Am Leg. and upstairs at Eagles same night.


No known recordings exist.

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