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Jordan Bernstein-guitar and vocals Mike Larson-drums Tom Haugen-bass


This band was made up of very young kids, maybe 15 years old or so. They looked somewhat like Hanson. They played some (obviously all-ages) shows 1999-2000 roughly. They were briefly the darlings of the Fargo Forum I remember, who did stories on them. They played a lot of Nirvana covers.


Opening for Nash Kato(of Urge Overkill fame) at Ralph's Bar. Don't forget that time they played the Moorhead Public Library, holy moley that was off the chain.



Related Bands

I(Mike Larson) now play drums in Dude Bazooka with Chris Moore(If Looks Could Kill I'D Watch You Die, Brian Fucking Razorfist, We $ell to Minors) and Silent Mike(Verhey).