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Also played solo and with the band Free Jesse in Grand Forks. Currently lives in Grand Forks. His birth name is Jeremy Pruess though he legally changed it to June Preuss.



Let's not make the mistake of forgetting the ever formative Cronik Stoopeidity. Carl Erickson, Aaron Poochigain, and Brian Strawberry would be terribly upset. ;-) Silly as many thought they were, they contributed to the future indie scene within GF/Fgo for years to come. From Pistols covers to REM janglings, CS Forever! MS>

  • June Panic appeared in Mike Kolloen's film "Silk String Silhouette" as the lead actor. It was shot on black and white 16mm film by Matt Dreiling.



  • "The Incubator's Son" 3 Out of 4
  • "Cicada" 3 Out of 4
  • "The Red Dog Wins Africa" 3 Out of 4
  • "The Red Dog Climbs Mt. Shasta" 3 Out of 4
  • "Ka Number Three" 3 Out of 4
  • "Halfnium" 3 Out of 4
  • "A Bowl Of Fruit" (with Chad Jarman) 3 Out of 4
  • "The Red Dog Vs. Virg Foss" 3 Out of 4
  • "Songs From Purgatory" 3 Out of 4
  • "Passive Aggressive" 3 Out of 4
  • "From The Rear" (as Chinaski, with Mike Moore) 3 Out of 4
  • "Glory Hole" 3 Out of 4, Rereleased on Secretly Canadian
  • "Bananafest Destiny" Intro to Airlift/June Panic double ep Secretly Canadian
  • "The Fall of Atom: A Thesis On Entropy" Secretly Canadian
  • "Horror Vacui" Secretly Canadian
  • "Silver Sound Sessions" Super Asbestos Records
  • "Baby's Breadt" Secretly Canadian
  • "Hope You Fail Better" Secretly Canadian
  • V/A "From the Bullpen" Hey Buddy!
  • V/A "Songs From the Loosing End" Krank Records
  • V/A "The Jukebox EP" Krank Records
  • V/A "Tractor Tunes Vol. 1" Fresh Cow Pie
  • V/A "Fargo Winter Carnivale 2004" Abandoned Scout Camp

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