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Bibles for China is a collaboration between three good friends which initially formed and unformed in the spring and summer of 2000. Songs from that era were based on free-form "jams", not unlike the music of Neu! or Faust but with a decidedly mid-western/indie rock patina. Ben, Jim and Brad had a fucking good time playing for nobody but each other at Zespy's "Diesel Lab" Studio in West Fargo. Much to the amazement of all three founding members the project was resurrected in the fall/winter of 2006 after a few emails and a lot of worrying.




Played one "show" at the Diesel Lab, for an audience of one (Brooks West).


After 7 years and work on various other projects (Akeley, e.l.apts., The Deaths, Essay Records, etc.) Bibles for China has "regrouped".

Ben and Brad are currently in the process of recording a full length via the mail and internet, with no plans to play live or tour at this time. Jim is running Southern Records in Chicago and is making contributions as he finds time. Many others are contributing their skills/performances to the album. Rumi Koshino, Jen Graner, Steve Nelson & Brandon Bueling (Ol'89ers), Dave Stone, D.W. Burnam (Land!Bravo), J. Sparks (Birds Stay Awake at Night) are all up in there.

Both Ben and Brad (and their lovely wives!) are quite excited with the songs they've completed thus far. Ben has been heard to exclaim "Shit...Goddamn!!!" in his response to the song "Beehive". Brad's receding hairline is slowly growing back after listening repeatedly to the song "Bad Idea".

They plan on finishing the album, tentatively titled "Deez Nutz", in Sept/Oct 2007.

Email to get a free copy...bitches.

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