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Noah Schafer is a musician and promoter, originally from Mandan, ND. He was active in the Bismarck/Mandan music scene for the early part of the 00's and later moved to Fargo and then Minneapolis in the later 00's. In addition to performing in bands, he promoted a number of shows in Bismarck, mostly at DJ's Pizza in Lincoln.


Despite being principally a guitarist, he has played bass in the majority of the bands he has performed with, starting with being offered the position (and the necessary bass guitar) in Nu-Metal act Unbound in 2001. Prior to that he had a role in what would eventually become Happy End, (although he contributed no material and played no shows.) He had been a frequent attendee to local shows as well as shows in Minot, ND since 1999.

After Unbound he worked with a number of acts, most notably crust/metal/hardcore group Toxic Shock Syndrome and (for a time simultaneously) death metal band Bonesaw, both on bass guitar. He also had short stints in weirdo/improv punks Cockney Monotones and post pop hardcore act Brandy Alexander, the latter on guitar.

Moving to Fargo in 2005 (joining already relocated TSS drummer Thomas Hill) he continued to play with TSS as well as joining new band Poets and Thieves. The dissolution of both those bands was followed by starting War On God with Hill and fellow Bis-Man-ian Brandon Marback. During this time he also joined Hill and guitarist Kasey Kitsch in indie punk act Fine Young Knives, and former Poets and Thieves guitarist Ryan Veitch in Solar Systems.

2009 saw him move to the Twin Cities. He continued to commute to Fargo for shows with WOG and FYK from time to time. After Fine Young Knives's end and during a fallow period for War On God in October 2010 he joined Zombie Season, replacing departing bassist Abigail Faulkner.

Despite a successful run of shows, culminating with playing with Mini Mansions in December 2010, Zombie Season was dissolved with the departure of drummer Ryan Dodge. A few weeks later Zombie Season guitarist Ali Jaafar formed a new group called Hollow Boys. Schafer joined the initial line-up on guitar and played a number of shows before leaving in April of 2011.

In December 2011 Schafer joined goth post punk group The Funeral and the Twilight on bass guitar.

Coincidentally, also in that month, the first performance by Lazarus Long occurred. Schafer is the lone member.

TFATT played frequently and toured the US multiple times until eventually breaking up in January 2016. Lazarus Long played occasionally during this time and as of 2021 has not officially ended.