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Fine Young Knives was a indie punk/garage pop band active in Fargo in the late 00's.


Formed after guitar player Kasey Kitsch and drummer Thomas Hill played together in Horse Blanket, which ended after the bass player moved out of town. When Kitsch started working up new songs he enlisted Hill for this new project. Bassist Noah Schafer played with Hill in Fargo heavy rock group War On God and at the time lived with Hill. Hearing a couple of practices through the floorboards Schafer offered his services. Fully formed songs quickly emerged from Kitsch's arrangements, and shows around the Fargo metro followed. A recording was completed with Ryan Veitch and Sean Murray at the former's family farmhouse. Only 15 copies were produced and sold at shows.

Officially formed in October 2007, Fine Young Knives were staples of the Fargo scene throughout 2008, playing with such luminaries as Lemuria, Wye Oak, Green Milk From the Planet Orange, and These Arms Are Snakes; as well as local Fargo badasses like Gumbi and Battlefields. Things slowed in 2009 with Schafer's move to Minneapolis, occasionally returning for practice and shows, including a set at WeezFest III New Years weekend 2010 and a sweaty, fuse blowing set at the Why Not? Fest in Minot, ND later that year.




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  • January 2, The Aquarium, Fargo, ND, w/Bryce Midas (Weezfest III)
  • August 21, 62 Doors Art Space, Minot, ND w/ various (Why Not fest)


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