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Formed in Edgeley, ND in 1996, migrated to Fargo that same year. A pre and post grunge lo-fi melody making outfit from the FM area. Founders of "edgecore". Used to pester roller-bladers and pedestrians with fliers while driving in reverse on the 4th street one-way in Moorhead! Also the first band to discover the rehearsal space AKA "Doug's Basement" by Quicklube in Moorhead.

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  • April 13th '96, Edgeley, ND
  • April 26-28 ' Edgeley, ND
  • May 28th '96 Edgeley, ND
  • June 15th '96 at 1016 3rd St. So. in Moorhead, MN
  • July 1st '96 at Gooseberry Mound Park, Moorhead, MN
  • December 2nd '96 at Perley, MN.
  • February 21st '97 in north Moorhead.
  • June-August '97 "Doug's Basement" by Quicklube in north Moorhead.


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A determinedly crunchy metal band with influences ranging from Slayer to Nirvana, the Sleepfarmers have spent two years on the Minnesota/NoDak rock circuit, generating cassette releases that mix live and studio cuts. Their music includes originals mixed with raucous covers, with the occasional lengthy improvisational jam. The band, consisting of guitarist Neil Wiger and drummer Jesse Fischer, has become involved with independent music distribution, starting the T-Independent label to distribute recordings by Postmortem and North Pride Posse.

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