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Rocket was/is a band originally formed in 1985 by and his neighborhood buddy . Rocket was based on a firm love for classic rock and metal like KISS, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and AC/DC... You get the idea. The original child carrier line-up went nowhere as the Neil and Marti were 8 and 9 years old. In 1990 Neil and his cousin rose the moniker again and played a couple shows here and there in Fargo and Moorhead, mainly private shows. The band played before 1,200 people at there "biggest show" in June of 1992 in Perham, Minnesota. Rocket were the first band that I knew of that wore face paint and took it 'seriously' in the Fargo-Moorhead area. We proudly founded black metal in the region back in the 1980's. The band always played in E natural (string tuning), nerves made live performances faster than usual and they liked porn. Kid's In Satan's Service. Yes we are Lutherans.

Members 1990 - Present

Members 1985 - 1987


  • According to the Perham newspaper (late June 1992) we caused "hearing aid damage" and had "too much distortion".
  • Neil Wiger and Brad Green watched Sho Kosugi's "Revenge Of The Ninja" more than anybody else within a 20 mile radius of the F-M area.
  • Wore face paint on an off/on basis. It was like this... If we thought the show was really serious... we'd be like "dude, don the mask".


  • August 1985 in a basement at 1417 17th Str. So. Moorhead, MN.
  • Pissed Off Losers show, Moorhead, MN. April 1990. (Courtesy of Marg's Music)
  • Holiday Mall Unplugged, Moorhead, MN. June 1990.
  • July 1st 1990 at 2975 Southgate Dr. in Fargo, ND. (With Nansen, we had corpsepaint at this show)
  • June 26th 1992 in Perham Minnesota at "Turtle Fest" The band was billed as "By-Tore".


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