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  • Tabula Rasa were offered a "record deal" with Vermin Scum out of Baltimore, MA. They broke up before doing anything with it.
  • Ryan O'Shaughnessy moved to Baltimore in hopes of the band moving there.
  • Micah moved to Chicago in hopes of the band moving there.


  • They played at an Bonanza restaurant, after hours, in Williston.
  • They played out of state for one and a half minutes thanks to Molotov Cocktail playing a long drunken set at Ralph's Corner.
  • They once played an outdoor show at Cashman Nursery in Bismark. Kevin did a "guitar solo" on a ten foot high mound of compost.


  • Unrealeased demo, 1996.
  • V/A-"Bubble Gum Rock" nine song cassette, 1996 Promise 57 Records.

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