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Founded in Grand Forks, ND in 1997, Straphanger drives the ladies crazy with their hard driving indie rock sound, and their utter dedication to cheap beer made in Minnesota.



  • Bassist Brian Schill's bass setup is well known as "ridiculous".
  • Straphanger's tour van, known as "Old Paint", and was purchased from a man well known as "Farmer P", creator of "Farmer P's Tractor Tunes" and (also a zine called "Fresh Cow Pie"), compilation CD series from the 1990's, which featured local artists and gained underground and overseas attention.
  • For years, the band would always end performances with the notoriously improvised and feedback-laden "Control Your Field", which in the middle of the song, band members changed instruments, made things up, switched back and ended the song where they last left off.


  • Countless in Grand Forks in the late 90's, including Kafe Kosmos, Walsh Stock, BRIDGES protests, and many others
  • Many at Ralph's in the late 90's - early 2000's.

The Straphanger Tommy DeLutz Tour 2001:

  • July 4, Minot ND - The Liberty
  • July 5, Bozeman MT - Filling Station
  • July 6, Twin Falls ID - The Damon Terry Experience
  • July 7, Seattle WA - Crocodile or Break Room...
  • July 8, Olympia WA - The Voyeur
  • July 9, Portland OR - Ethos
  • July 10, Boise ID - The Soltano
  • July 11, Moscow ID - Rusty's Truck Stop
  • July 12, Spokane WA - Ichabod's North
  • July 13, Missoula MT - Jay's Upstairs
  • July 14, Mandan ND - Stadt Haus (former Midtowner)


  • Imipolex G/Strap Hanger split CD (1999)
  • V/A "In Search of Ozero Zaysan" (1999)
  • Untitled 7 Song CDEP (date unknown)
  • "The Grain Belt" CD (2001) Genuflect Records
  • "The Victory Lap" b/w "Glad" 7" (2002), Mental Telemetry Records (now known as Invisible Generation)

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