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Imipolex G was the name of a mainly instrumental and quite-loud indie rock band in Grand Forks. Its name came from the fictional chemical produced by IG Farben in the Thomas Pynchon novel "Gravity's Rainbow". The muddled source of the band's namesake lent listeners a hint of their sense of dry, sarcastic humor. The band was notorious for performing all facing each other, often with drummer Isaac Turner front-and-center on the stage with his back to the audience, a la A Minor Forest.





  • Imipolex G/Strap Hanger split CD (1999)
  • V/A "In Search of Ozero Zaysan" (1999), Cranium Hostage Productions
  • "The Challenge of Flight" (2000)
  • "3414 Miles, 5 Songs: Tour EP" (2001)
  • "A Push and a Shove and the Land is Ours" (2002), Genuflect Records

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