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A two-piece with a drum and a bass, Standard was often the recipient of contrived comparisons to godheadSilo. Standard often incorporated stage props and gimmicks, calling themselves “Vertical” or “Horizontal” depending on the pattern of shirt worn; Chad would sing through the rotating blades of a fan (it seldom worked); Chad would perform strange dances without moving his hips; and the name of “Navin” was invoked.

Standard played excessively loud with a modicum of harmony, their performances were always different and difficult. The band opened for numerous touring bands, played Bubba’s basement several times a week and Chad and Jarod likely hold the record for membership in the most Fargo bands.



  • From Carothers Brothers #5, "The Definitive Guide to Everything Punk Rock in the Moorhead/Fargo Area": Bossk minus the cute guy.



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