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Cattledrive was formed in early spring 1992. It was a classic Fargo/Moorhead garage band constructed on a neo-punk and grunge foundation. Most of the compositions were originals. The songs were created by (in order of # of singles): Chad James, Brooks Nagel, Jarod Swant, Shawn Olson.


Cattledrive practiced at the One Way House on 14th St.


After a 2 month formative period, Cattledrive began playing live shows at Ralphs Corner Bar, Kirbys, and other locations in Moorhead, MN and Fargo, ND. Mini tours included Duluth and Alexandria. The pinnacle concert was hosted by 7th Street Entry (part of 1st Avenue) on November 2002. Interpersonal disagreements on direction led to the dissolution of the band in by the end of the year.


V/A "Nodak: Distorted Hallucinations" Moo Bob Records

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