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Originally known as Who Killed My Sister

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Drawing by: Chris Kulig


Cover songs:

"Police Beat" - SSD

"Drastic Actions" - Bad Religion

"Kracked" - Dinosaur Jr.

"Chalk the Cracks" - Seaweed

"Losers of the Year" - Pinhead Gunpowder

"The Crowd" - Operation Ivy

"One of my Lies" - Green Day


Shared the stage with I Spy, Propagandhi, Ground Round, Fitz of Depression, Excuse Seventeen, Heavens to Besty, Silence Equals, Dead and Gone, Painted Thin, Los Crudos, Guy Smiley, *59 Cents, *Jesus, *Dredge Can, *Abner, *Som sik joke, *Captain Grown Up, *Madeline, *Surge, and several others.

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First Show


  • Sister' began life as The 4 Magic Beans.
  • Full name is Who Killed My Sister?

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