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Mitch lives in Saint Paul, MN with his two kids, a dog and a cat. He grew up in Jamestown, graduating from JHS in 1981 and Jamestown College in '85. The idea of becoming a rock star occurred to him when, playing with Blitz in high school, he realized girls dug guitar players. Played in Blitz in high school, and thought things had to get better. Moved to the Twin Cities and started Tenants Union and The Supreme Soviet of Love, played to a million bars with scatterings of drunks, and realized they probably didn't have to get better.



  • The last night at Jamestown's old "Teen Canteen". The YMCA had bought the building and forbade the Canteen Board from promoting the show, so we did it ourselves; bought radio time, plugged posters all over the place. People drove in from Bismark to see the gig.
  • Saint Patrick's Day, 1987 at the Seventh Street Entry in Minneapolis. The place was jam packed; we were so nervous, we sped up to the point where people couldn't tell if we were a rock'nroll band or thrashbunnies; some people started to mosh on the floor. Good times.

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