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Four peice, jazz/funk outfit hailing from West Fargo. The group, consisting of members from the pop punk group Copouts, The, changed their name to Ecotrip after the addition of guitar player Ryan Babb. A new, albeit strange, direction in sound was taken thereafter (a combination of rock, funk and electronica). One of the first groups in Fargo's late 90's "pseudo-Jamband" scene. Other cohorts: Greenhouse, Sunny Travels.



Voted West Fargo High School's: "Most Likely To Top The Pop Music Charts"


First show nearly resulted in a riot at south Fargo's, The Bowler. The band, booked as Copouts, The, played a set of mostly instrumental, electronic noise.

Annual 4th of July shows at Chuck Werner's family home; Tamarac Lake, became annual events.

Played a series of Wednesday "College Night's" at Kirby's.

Performed regulary at Borna's Bagel Bakery.

Played a full electric set (or three), with the aid of generators, in North Dakota's Sheyenne National Grasslands... aka: The Sandhills.

Played New Year's Eve, 99'-00', show at Kirby's. Connor Hopkins, of Greenhouse, filled in on drum duties.

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