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Pop punkers, heavily influenced by the likes of Screeching Weasel, The Riverdales and all things Lookout Records. The band, based out of West Fargo, played shows around the area until slowly morphing into jazz/funk group: Ecotrip; now defunct.



Infamous tune; "Gwar Sucks" became a topic of controversy amongst many a punk rocker.

Brandon and Chuck also produced the short-lived "Yank 'Zine."

Brandon's brother, Aric Warner played bass for West Fargo's Martian.


First show: Picnic Shelter - Elmwood Park, West Fargo

Numerous shows at South Fargo's "The Bowler."

Last show: "Skatepark Benefit" concert - The Bowler, Fargo (band made electronic noise for 30min. set, to the dismay of many a "hardcore" punk).


Self-Released Cassette Tape

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