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  • Covering a Cyndi Lauper song at Madonnarama
  • Their final show at Ralphs, when everyone in the backroom was on the stage singing past 2:30 a.m.
  • Their final show at the VFW getting the power shut off on them as they tried to play their 20+ song catalog. Then Chris Moore threatened to burn the VFW down.
  • Every out town gig was a blur of drugs, alcohol and women.


Everything is here kinda: here.

Unfortunately we can only be sure on the out of town dates....the in-town shows are a fantastic blur of booze and panties. We'll add them in soon:

First Show Ever:

12.16.00 Moorhead, MN @ All-Star Bowl w/ Refined, One Less Princess (This was a benefit for PEPP)

3.21.01 Moorhead, MN @ MSU Underground (Garth fell on his face this show and it was fucking hilarious, oh and we sucked)

3.17.02 Minot, ND @ The Liberty w/ The Mario Test, Crimes of the Conspiracy

8.11.02 Sioux Falls, SD @ Todds Garage w/ Nodes of Ranvier, Chronic Mass, Deadline

8.12.02 Moline, IL @ House Party w/ 8 Bucks Experiment, The Licorice Whip (Busted up by Moline's finest eventually)

8.14.02 Chicago, IL @ The Mutiny w/ Squared Off

8.15.02 Moorhead, MN @ Ralphs w/ The Daryl's

8.16.02 Fargo, ND @ The Satellite Lounge w/ The Daryl's, Neverwill

8.17.02 St. Cloud, MN @ Java Joint w/ Standing Idly by, Fairmont, Endahl

8.18.02 Duluth, MN @ Roundabout Records w/ Jackie and the Ripoffs

12.31.02 Moorhead, MN @ Ralphs w/ Orange 17

1.26.03 Minneapolis, MN @ Dinkytowner w/ The Valentines, Morris (We sucked bad this time)

2.16.03 Moorhead, MN @ Kirby's MADONNARAMA

8.1.03 Moorhead, MN @ Ralphs w/ The Wolfnote, Off with their Heads, Quietus

8.2.03 Rochester, MN @ Bored to Death Skatepark w/ The Fucking Americans

8.3.03 Duluth, MN @ The NorShor Theatre w/ Words to a Film Score, Neverwill, Jackie and the Ripoffs

8.4.03 Milwaukee, WI @ Useless Nameless House w/ Dead Like Dallas

8.5.03 Tinley Park, IL @ Some House w/ The Soda Pops

8.6.03 Lexington, KY @ Loyd's w/ The Break, Carpenter Ant, Sunday Driver, Soda Pops

8.7.03 Davenport, IA @ Peabody's w/ Ann Marie, Neverwill

8.8.03 St. Cloud, MN @ Java Joint w/ Endahl

8.10.03 Sioux Falls, SD @ Todd's Garage w/ Modus, Chronic Mass, Neverwill

4.10.04 Chicago, IL @ Union House w/ Raise the Red Lantern, Fourth Rotor, Blackprint

8.5.04 Moorhead, MN @ Ralphs w/ Black Cat Music (Lookout! Records), Diversion Scene

8.7.04 Duluth, MN @ Twin Ports Cultural Center w/ The Plainsmen, Cut and Run, Jim Wilde

8.11.04 Aberdeen, SD @ Red Rooster w/ RUSHMORES, Cut & Run

8.12.04 Moorhead, MN @ Ralphs w/ Les Dirty Frenchman, We Kidnap Frisone this afternoon, RUSHMORES, Cut & Run

8.13.04 Minneapolis, MN @ Alamo House w/ Rivithead, Off with Their Heads, RUSHMORES, Cut & Run

8.14.04 Milwaukee, WI @ Robot House 2427 N Pierce st. w/ RUSHMORES, Cut & Run, Knee Deep and Drowning

8.15.04 Popular Grove, IL @ Chubby Rain House w/ the rest, RUSHMORES, Cut & Run (We actually never played that night and fucking got paid)

8.16.04 Chicago, IL @ Angelica's w/ RUSHMORES, Cut & Run

8.17.04 Minneapolis, MN @ Area 51 w/ Icollide, Cut & Run

8.18.04 Sioux City, IA @ Knight of Columbus w/ The Chicken Hawks, Swing by Seven, Cut & Run

Last Show(s):

8.??.04 Moorhead, MN @ Ralphs w/ Fuck, I forget.

8.28.04 Fargo, ND @ w/ The Mario Test (kinda), Neverwill

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  • The TV EP CD (2001) self-released
  • My Last Chance CD (2002) self-released
  • Letters EP CD (2003) self-released
  • Tour DVD (Coming....maybe. Anyone....anyone?)*We have an E.P. and live footage but no money to do anything with this. Anyone willing to produce is welcome.
  • V/A "Fargo Winter Carnival 2003" Abandoned Scout Camp
  • V/A "Winter Carnivale 2004" Abandoned Scout Camp
  • V/A "10" Punkhead Records. Chicago, IL [1]

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