We Kidnap Frisone This Afternoon

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  • When Something Fails Last Show
  • Ralph's last Rock and Roll Friday
  • Garth Blomberg living in our basement
  • Aaron threatening Burger King drive-thru workers at 3:00am child carrier in St. Cloud. He then proceeded to jump off an embankment and fell into the middle of the street, scrapping up his knee. Upon actually making it to a restaurant he ordered an omelet and never ate it because he passed out.
  • Aaron trying to make-out with a glass-dildo sales lady on tour. That same glass-dildo sales lady later slapped Log.
  • Aaron's tight pants that showed off Thor.
  • Aaron passing out every single night with a half-full beer in his hand watching VH1 Classics.
  • Aaron telling this joke to the Ralphs crowd: "We saw a billboard coming up that said, 'you ask why, god asks why not' - yeah, why not a tsunami?"
  • Aaron getting his car smashed at the Triple Rock when he didn't have car insurance.
  • Aaron, in mid-song, pointing to a kid in Sioux Falls and telling him to "take off those sun glasses and stop trying to act so cool - you're 15."


  • Too many to count


  • Untitled 3 song EP

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