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In the fall of 1995, an MSU student named Steve Blondo along with Jay Kalk had the idea to form a ska band in Fargo/Moorhead. This was a fairly daunting task, considering the local music scene was predominantly heavy rock bands that reflected the "Fargo-noise" sound. He began by assembling a group of friends from the Fargo/Moorhead scene. They rose to fame in the FM scene and the local college circuit. After winning the Old Broadway's battle of the band contest, and signing with Barking Dog Records to create their first album "Bingo", 3 Minute Hero quit school, moved down to the Minneapolis/St Paul area and successfully toured for the next 3-4 years. They toured the southwest, east coast, and the 6 state upper midwest, opening for major label acts, and produced two more albums "Everyday Ninjas" and "Operation Brownstar".

3 Minute Hero brought to life a stagnant Fargo music scene, and while they began playing covers, as ALL bands do in the beginning, they went on to write more than 60 original tracks, including the much vaunted "Parking Lot", "Jelly Donut" and "Julie Loves a Blender". Numerous editorials and articles have circulated the college music "zine"s regarding the electricity and energy blasting from every single live show they performed. Whether it was for 10 people in a dark coffee shop, or for the 900 or so that came to their last show in November of 2000, it was ALWAYS about putting on an incredible, undeniable, powerful show that you went home and told your friends about.



  • Won the 1999 Minnesota Music Awards' "Best Ska Band."
  • Played a badass cover of "Minnie the Moocher" at the Coffee Club in Moorhead when the power went out. Amazing, simply amazing.


  • Basilica Block Party
  • Cedarfest
  • Mill City Music Festival
  • Peoples Fair, Mankato MN
  • BBQ Blues Festival, Milwaukee WI


  • "Everyday Ninjas" 1998 Barking Dog Records
  • "Bingo" 1997 Barking Dog Records
  • "Operation Brownstar" 1999 3 Minute Hero

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