The First Annual F Your Scene Invitational

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The F Your Scene Invitational was envisioned by Pat Lipsiea of the PLX and is being realized by him the CWO.

The FYSI is an all-ages free show dedicated to/for unestablished bands in the Fargo area that are unable to play often or with already established actS. It offers artists the opportunity to debut material not easily conveyed to general "bar-crowd" audience. The show is financed by CWO and donations to the cause.

Full bands or solo acts are welcome, as are all genres. A level of professionalism is required. Despite the name, the bands involved are not to hold and grudges towards the Fargo-Moorhead scene or its unofficial senior members. The title is meant as a joke, not as an insult.

Confirmed acts for this years June 30th event: Lucyd, Descry, Pat Lipsiea and the Pat Lipsiea eXplosion, Christopher Walken Overdrive and Kentucky Sound Arsenal.