The Decoys

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Formed in Late 2003 by Blake Plankers and Clint Kliewer. Originally guitar and drums. Later Blake switched to bass and Philip (Flap) joined as drummer. Notorious for line up changes and member swapping. Flap quit on Easter Day of 2004, due to personality conflicts within the band. They went back to a 2 piece for a few months and played one show with Mike on bass. Flap rejoined in early 2005, and they stopped sucking as much. The Decoys played original material but also incorporated a plethora of cover songs into their live set by bands such as: muse, the raveonettes, gary newman, misfits, the cramps, the zombies. After piddling out in late 2005, blake finally called it quits, and Philip and Clint formed Thenoras, scrapping all covers and playing only a few old songs and writing newer, better material.



  • Crappy 4 song EP (as 2 piece)
  • New Rock 94.5 Sessions (as 2 piece)
  • Greatest Hits (2004), Self Released (3 piece)
  • Live 103.9 Demo, Self Released (3 piece)

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