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Known for adorning themselves in garmets vogue with members of the Latter Day Saints cult (and finally in hot pants and pink ladies running wear), the duo often drew comparisons to Ween for their irreverant stage shows that incorporated a 'huge' foam hand, an overhead projector, and numerous other props. Starship Reducer released a self-made bootleg, "Live Juice" and confused several with their Falco meets The Pointer Sisters sound.



The music is all played live with keyboards that cost $150 or less, especially the Yamaha PSR-500.



  • Prizes (such as autographed vegetables) were thrown out into the crowd and random people were selected to come to the stage and drink a shot of "Juice". The actual content of the "Juice" was never revealed.
  • The behavior of Retreat was highly unpredictable and included filling a supersoaker squirt gun with CAMO 16 beer and hosing everyone within range including Starboy and the keyboards on stage.
  • The band was banned from the Great Northern after performing at a halloween show there where a cauldron full of chic-o-stix was thrown into the crowd. The candies were ground into the floor by the crowd nearly destroying the carpet with sticky peanut fury.


Live Juice - Bootleg



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