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Arguably one of the most famous metal bands to come out of Fargo, Sons of Poseidon have been churning out the metal for years.



  • Their music is featured on ESPN during the X-Games broadcasts, as well as on FOX Sports' "Core Games," "Street Pace," and "Planet Extreme Championships." They can also be heard in the motion pictures "21," "Luckytown," "Bring It On" and "Dark Highways" (which also incudes a cameo by Carter, and a full length video of "Success Through Violence").
  • Their music is also featured on MTV's "Tough Enough" and on VH1 during "Living the Dream."
  • "Hat" has been known, through urban legend, to once have shot a firecracker out of his anus onstage during a show and to have also accidentally set the stage on fire during another show. Neither legend has been reported to be false.
  • Rambone
  • Alf Runs



  • "Live By The Sword", LP, self release, 2001.
  • "Earthshaker", LP, self release, 1998.
  • "North American Metal, LP, 2006.
  • "Trifecta", Box Set, 2006.

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