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  • Mike (Acoustic+Voice)
  • Aaron (Bass)
  • Jodi Hedstrom (Voice)
  • Casey (Buttons)
  • Roger (Electric+Trumpet)
  • Pat (Skins)
  • Val (Voice)
  • Loren (T-bone)



  • May.11th,2001 Ralphs Corner w/Party Store Minnows and Lo-Fi
  • May.16th Eclipse Records St.Paul,MN
  • May.17th The Black Cat Ashland, WI w/Party Store Minnows
  • May.18th Beaners Duluth,MN w/If Thousands...
  • May.19th The Peanut Bar G.F.,ND w/Adam Hagen and Nick Garcia
  • June.29th 309 Broadway w/Sin Horses,Les Dirty Frenchmen and Orange 17
  • Aug.3rd Trentino's w/Nick Garcia and DJ NOEL
  • Aug.4th Erie Dam Music Festival N.Garcia,Brooks West,Al Desautel and Twigs Tricycle
  • Oct.31st Reed Lane w/By All Means, Mario Test, Simple Device, Telepathetic,Solipsistic, The Deaths and Les Dirty Frenchmen


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