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Shane Bertrand's Squirt Gun consists of myself, Shane Bertrand. I program the drums(due to the lack of live drums), play all of the bass lines, and perform all of the Hand Squirts. You can listen to my Hand Squirt music by going to:


<img src="">

Here's a list of songs on the demo:

  • 1. Hand Attack(intro)
  • 2. Ain't No Party Like A Hand Squirt Party Cause A Hand squirt Party Don't Stop

(with guest vocals by Greg Wilson and Kirb-Dog)

  • 3. Drop The Squirt
  • 4. Funkin Squirts
  • 5. Squirt O Rama
  • 6. Flashlght(with guest Hand Squirter Jason Thykeson)
  • 7. Attack of the Killer Hand Plants(with guest voice by Kristin Thompson)
  • 8. The Awful Show Anniversary Song(see more from the Awful Show at
  • 9. Squirts and Sounds
  • 10. Hand Bone
  • 11. The Fargo Squirt Tune
  • 12. Squirt Jam with Scotch and DUI from Fargo's ROCK102
  • 13. Lex and Terry Squirt Gun CD review(live off of the radio!!!)


  • 12/17/06 -- FIRST SQUIRT SONG PLAYED ON THE RADIO: The Boneyard on 101.9 the Box(currently ROCK 102) in Fargo played "Jingle Bells" Squirt Gun style
  • 1/7/07 -- "Squirt O Rama" played on The Bonyard on 101.9 The Box
  • 1/14/07 -- "Flashlight" played on The Boneyard on 101.9 The box
  • 1/31/07 -- First LIVE Hand squirt appearance at The nestor with The Christopher Walken Overdrive(picture below)
            <img src="">
  • 1/19/07 -- First over the phone interview on THE AWFUL SHOW( We talked about Manualism and they played "Flashlight".
  • 1/29/07 -- Squirt interview with Blind Joe on 105.9KNDS in Fargo, ND
  • 1/30/07 -- "Squirt O Rama" on Rock Roots on Q98 in Fargo
  • 2/3/07 -- Squirts played on The Bopst Show in Richmond, VA
  • 2/11/07 -- New song finished "Hand Squirt party"
  • 2/16/07 -- Second AWFUL SHOW appearance. I called them up again and they played the new Squirt tune.
  • 2/19/07 -- Another appearance with Blind Joe on 105.9KNDS
  • 2/22/07 -- Squirt Gun CD review by LEX AND TERRY on national radio. Aired by Q98 in Fargo. They played "Flashlight" and "Squirt O Rama"
  • 2/26/07 -- On the radio with Blind Joe
  • 2/28/07 -- Fargo's newspaper, The High Plains Reader, interviews me about Manualism
  • 3/1/07 -- Appearance on ROCK 102 with Scotch and DUI
  • 3/2/07 -- Second live appearance at the Nestor with The Christopher Walken Overdrive
  • 3/5/07 -- Scotch and DUI asked me to record some intro music to open up they're radio show with. This is the first day they played it.
  • 3/21/07 -- Took pictures of my hands for The High Plains reader article
  • 3/24/07 -- Included on the Manualism Wikipedia page by R.A. Wislon
  • 3/26/07 -- Bruce Gaston of Manualism fame emails me.
  • 4/6/07 -- First Hand Squirts press Ever!!! In The high Plains reader in Fargo, ND Article by Cassie Tweeten
  • 4/7/07 -- Bermuda Shwartz(the drummer for Weird AL!) messages me telling me that I wouldn't be able to get on stage with Weird Al at the Red River Valley Fair Weird Al concert in Fargo. Tough break.
  • 4/25/07 -- Interviewed by the Fargo forum for a Manualism article. Article by Dave Roapke
  • 4/27/07 -- Performed live at the Nestor with fellow Hand Squirters Jason Thykeson and Jon Swift
  • 5/2/07 -- Northern Edge magazine article in Fargo. Article by Dan
  • 5/3/07 -- The Fargo Forum runs the Squirt Gun article
  • 5/21/07 -- Scotch and DUI play the Fargo Squirt tune on ROCK 102
  • 5/23/07 -- Scotch and DUI play the Fargo Squirt tune again!
  • 6/5/07 -- Squirt Gun interview in Fargo's RX Magazine. Article by Shooter's Corner
  • 6/8/07 -- Jammed at the Aquarium in Fargo with The Pat Lipsiea Explosion and Jon Swift. Biggest crowd yet.
  • 6/11/07 -- The Gunecologist messages me
  • 6/16/07 -- Interview with John Strand on The Mighty 790 KFGO in Fargo
  • 6/17/07 -- Recorded The Awful Show Anniversary Song
  • 6/26/07 -- Performed with pat Lipsiea at Jt Cigarro's in Fargo
  • 10/4/07 -- The Awful Show makes me a charactor in their online game "Screw Your Nieghbor