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Shane Bertrand's Squirt Gun consists of myself, Shane Bertrand. I program the drums(due to the lack of live drums), play all of the bass lines, and perform all of the Hand Squirts.

Here's a list of songs on the demo:

Listen to the tunes here!!

  • 1. Hand Attack(intro)
  • 2. Ain't No Party Like A Hand Squirt Party Cause A Hand squirt Party Don't Stop

(with guest vocals by Greg Wilson and Kirb-Dog)

  • 3. Drop The Squirt
  • 4. Funkin Squirts
  • 5. Squirt O Rama
  • 6. Flashlght(with guest Hand Squirter Jason Thykeson)
  • 7. Attack of the Killer Hand Plants
  • 8. The Awful Show Anniversary Song(see more from the Awful Show at
  • 9. Squirts and Sounds
  • 10. Hand Bone
  • 11. The Fargo Squirt Tune
  • 12. Squirt Jam with Scotch and DUI from Fargo's ROCK102

Download these songs until your heart is content on the bandcamp site above...just do me a favour and share the Squirts on your facebook page!


  • 12/17/06 -- FIRST SQUIRT SONG PLAYED ON THE RADIO: The Boneyard on 101.9 the Box(currently ROCK 102) in Fargo played "Jingle Bells" Squirt Gun style
  • 1/7/07 -- "Squirt O Rama" played on The Bonyard on 101.9 The Box
  • 1/14/07 -- "Flashlight" played on The Boneyard on 101.9 The box
  • 1/31/07 -- First LIVE Hand squirt appearance at The nestor with The Christopher Walken Overdrive
  • 1/19/07 -- First over the phone interview on THE AWFUL SHOW( We talked about Manualism and they played "Flashlight".
  • 1/29/07 -- Squirt interview with Blind Joe on 105.9KNDS in Fargo, ND
  • 1/30/07 -- "Squirt O Rama" on Rock Roots on Q98 in Fargo
  • 2/3/07 -- Squirts played on The Bopst Show in Richmond, VA
  • 2/11/07 -- New song finished "Hand Squirt party"
  • 2/16/07 -- Second AWFUL SHOW appearance. I called them up again and they played the new Squirt tune.
  • 2/19/07 -- Another appearance with Blind Joe on 105.9KNDS
  • 2/22/07 -- Squirt Gun CD review by LEX AND TERRY on national radio. Aired by Q98 in Fargo. They played "Flashlight" and "Squirt O Rama"
  • 2/26/07 -- On the radio with Blind Joe
  • 2/28/07 -- Fargo's newspaper, The High Plains Reader, interviews me about Manualism
  • 3/1/07 -- Appearance on ROCK 102 with Scotch and DUI
  • 3/2/07 -- Second live appearance at the Nestor with The Christopher Walken Overdrive
  • 3/5/07 -- Scotch and DUI asked me to record some intro music to open up they're radio show with. This is the first day they played it.
  • 3/21/07 -- Took pictures of my hands for The High Plains reader article
  • 3/24/07 -- Included on the Manualism Wikipedia page by R.A. Wilson
  • 3/26/07 -- Bruce Gaston of Manualism fame emails me.
  • 4/6/07 -- First Hand Squirts press Ever!!! In The high Plains reader in Fargo, ND Article by Cassie Tweeten
  • 4/7/07 -- Bermuda Shwartz(the drummer for Weird AL!) messages me telling me that I wouldn't be able to get on stage with Weird Al at the Red River Valley Fair Weird Al concert in Fargo.
  • 4/25/07 -- Interviewed by the Fargo forum for a Manualism article. Article by Dave Roapke
  • 4/27/07 -- Performed live at the Nestor with fellow Hand Squirters Jason Thykeson and Jon Swift
  • 5/2/07 -- Northern Edge magazine article in Fargo. Article by Dan
  • 5/3/07 -- The Fargo Forum runs the Squirt Gun article
  • 5/21/07 -- Scotch and DUI play the Fargo Squirt tune on ROCK 102
  • 5/23/07 -- Scotch and DUI play the Fargo Squirt tune again!
  • 6/5/07 -- Squirt Gun interview in Fargo's RX Magazine. Article by Shooter's Corner
  • 6/8/07 -- Jammed at the Aquarium in Fargo with The Pat Lipsiea Explosion and Jon Swift. Biggest crowd yet.
  • 6/16/07 -- Interview with John Strand on The Mighty 790 KFGO in Fargo
  • 6/17/07 -- Recorded The Awful Show Anniversary Song
  • 6/26/07 -- Performed with pat Lipsiea at Jt Cigarro's in Fargo
  • 10/4/07 -- The Awful Show makes me a charactor in their online game "Screw Your Nieghbor
  • 5/20/08 -- SoupyGato Podcast Radio Show Plays Hand Squirt Party. Check out to listen to some podcast radio from Essexville. MI
  • 11/23/12 -- The end of the Squirt Gun myspace page. Due to lack of interest in