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I play guitar for The Christopher Walken Overdrive, and I write and record music for Shane Bertrands' Squirt Gun... that is music made with my hands. It's called Manualism. Find more info on Manualism at: or

As far as I know I'm the only performing Manualist in Fargo-Moorhead. I've had the Squirt Page up on Myspace for about 5 months. In that time I haven't met anybody else recording there Manualism talents. Lately I've been performing with Pat Lipsiea and the PLX. We jammed at the Aquarium in Fargo on March 22nd of 2007. The whole place was rollin! Check out the Squirt Page for all of the Squirt info and music at:

The Christopher Wallken Overdrive has finally kicked it into Overdrive. Last Friday(March 30) we jammed at the Nestor with Battlefields. We went under the name "The Eric Clapton Underdrive" in honor of him playing the Fargodome that same night. We finally have T-Shirts! Come and get one for 10 bucks when we play the Aquarium April 14th. We're finally gonna play Minneapolis! Come and support us at the Red Sea Bar on April 16th. SHANE BERTRAND

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  • I also have a project called Shane Bertrands' Squirt Gun. It's Hand Squirt music. That is literally making music with my hands. To listen to some Squirt Music go to:

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