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King Friday used to be called "Noyz" with members including: Shane, Joe, Harry, Scott F, and "Crazy" Arden Rux. Noyz changed their name after bringing Mike Holtz into the band. King Friday played Just one show at THE RIDGE which is now LEGENDS in Breckenridge, MN with the help on the song Three Little Pigs by Green Jello with vocalist JASON "FLASHY" THYKESON. King Friday lost their vocalist Mike Holtz shorlty after that show, and then brought in guitar/vocalist Kelly Cordahl. Former member of Ripcord out of Mayville, ND. King Friday then went on to record a demo for their own personnel pleasure for the shear sake of recording. Not many heard it but I (Shane Bertrand) have all the recordings from those sessions. King Friday went on to play two shows with Kelly Cordahl at the Frisky Goat in Fargo, ND and at the Comfort Inn in East Grand Forks in 1994.




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