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Saccharine Order was a punk/hardcore band based in Minot ND. They were active in the early to mid 2000's.


From their angelfire site:

"Saccharine Order is XB.J. MooreX (guitar & vocals), Mikey Fingers (bass), and Kelly Hunter (drums). They have been together since June, 1999. They started because XB.J.X wanted to play some hardcore and he also wanted to get used to playing with Kelly for Crash Avenue. They played three shows in July, '99 and went on hiatus due to other projects. Jason was recruited to play bass after the band was together for over six months as a two piece. They have gained a very decent following in Williston and Minot and hope to add to it with each venture they make out of town. They have played with bands such as LINK 80 (Asian Man Records [twice]), The Thumbs (Adeline Records), Creeps On Candy (Alternative Tentacles Records), Mercury (Berkeley), Sugar & Spikes (Bismarck), SBITCH (Texas), and many other bands. They have just finished their first mini-tour to the Seattle and back and are hoping to go back on the road in either early fall or next spring. After the tour, Jason was tossed out of the band due to personal conflicts. He was replaced in late June, 2000, by Massachusetts native Mikey Fingers (aka First Airmen Mike Kitchen).

They have released a ten song tape on Yummy Sacch Records titled "Another Step Closer To Victory." It contains a mix of old school & new school hardcore with a touch of emo here and there."


Former Members