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My wife Britt and I moved from Minneapolis to Charlotte, NC in 2000 - then to Charleston, SC full time in 2011. Living on James Island near Folly Beach!

Damn, one day I was pokin' round the internet and what did I stumble upon but pages about the Fargo music scene of the early 1990's - WTF? Chronicles of drunken oblivion! Hell Yeah!



Smegma Highlights

Somebody had a friend in a fraternity at UND in Grand Forks. By the time everyone started to show up we had already drank most of the beer and played every song we knew, twice. Next thing we know people start showing up in formal attire and girls in prom dresses are begging us to play a slow song.

At this point Troy Warling snarls into the mic "This is a love song called FUCK YOU!" - We went into Freebird really fast, for the third time.
Ahhh, memories...


You can't wear a peacesign bigger than your own foreskin!

Contact Info

Check out Randy's website www.Other-One.com and his tunes www.Abrasax.us

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