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Due to the infrequency of Thunderchicken, Lyle and Kevin gathered together with friends and musicians Makai Catudio and Mike Hamley to practice.

Nothing's early musical career was largely focused on having fun. Though Kevin and Lyle were clearly into the newer punk genres by this time, Makai and Mike were still large fans of metal genres. None the less, the band focused largely on various covers of songs by Danzig, Slayer, and Metallica.

In the Summer of 1993, following the breakup of Thunder Chicken, Lyle decided to quit Nothing and ceased playing the drums. The band invited friend and musician Cory Prough in his place. It was after this time when Nothing began to play shows in Minot.



  • Nothing was featured in a 1992 edition of the Minot Central Campus school newspaper. They practiced frequently at the Community Center on the Minot Air Force Base. They even once practiced on the beach of Nelson-Carlson Lake, using battery operated amplifiers and a very scaled down drum kit.
  • While sitting in Kevin's basement after practicing, they brainstormed around the name of their new band. The group found it difficult to come up with a name. Kevin yelled across the basement to his mother who was doing laundry, "Mom, what should we call ourselves?" Kevin's mother responded, "Oh... Nothing."


  • May 29, 1993- Source Unknown (Regina), Nobody’s Children, 59 Cents, and Nothing at the Golden Gym.

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