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They were a 5 piece band from Fargo. They had played with 36 Crazyfists, American Head Charge, Cephallic Carnage, Dope, Internal Bleeding, Dog Fashion Disco, Sinai Beach, Into Eternity, Six Feet Under, Premonitions of War, The Brain Chiggers, Vampire Mooose, Misery Index, Through the Disipline, White Knuckle Trip Jucifer, Bodies In The Gears Of The Aparatus, Faster Pussycat, Pretty Boy Floyd,Yakuza, 3 Inches of Blood, Jacknife, Autumn Offering, Clifton, P.O.S., Burn in Silence,Twisted Method, Retard O Bot, Dead to Fall, 12 tribes, Marytr AD, Bury Your Dead, Ion Dissonance, Losa, Goatwhore, Cattle Decapitation, The Arcacia Strain and Fight Paris and countless local bands. Only had a few brief tours. They had an offers to sign on with a European offshoot label of Atlantic Records, but they didn't follow through with it. Necktie Suicide released one EP (currently unavailable) and two full length albums that you can still buy online.


Ex Members


  • reunited with the original line up in 2009 for a cancer benefit for TJ Heilman.
  • played their last show on November 10th 2007
  • featured on the cover of the High Plains Reader, and The Fargo Forum.
  • They went out to Oceanside California to record a 5 song EP. Ryan Sellars recorded and produced it at DML Studios in Escondido, CA under the supervision of Don Lithgow. It was mastered at Rare Form Mastering by Greg Rierson in Minneapolis, MN.
  • recorded their second studio album at Gray Barn Studios with Kevin Racer. Mastered at Rare Form Mastering by Greg Rierson in Minneapolis, MN


  • A Marrige of Life and Loss (2004)
  • Bearing Witness To The Fall of Rome(EP)(2005)
  • A Night At The Formal (2007)


There were about 200 shows played before this one, but we don't have exact dates and bands we played with.

10/29/2004 Billiard's On Broadway Necktie Suicide & American Head Charge (this is the show Aj fucked up his back at)

10/30/2004 Playmaker's Necktie Suicide, Brain Chiggers, Vampire Moose, WWJD, Project Motivation

11/13/2004 Billiard's On Broadway SAMHAIN SHOW! Bury Your Dead, The Acacia Strain, Green Fog Vigilante, Necktie Suicide, If I Die, Strong Like Bear

12/03/2004 Billiards On Broadway Necktie Suicide, Unlern, Katalyst, Lace

12/11/2004 Ralph's Corner Bar Necktie Suicide, Descry,Unlern,

12/16/2004 Playmakers Pavillion DOPE, Motograter, Twisted Method, Necktie Suicide, Unlern and Strong Like Bear

02/05/2005 Foxes Bar Necktie Suicide Omnipotent Belligerence Dextrious

02/19/2005 American Legion project 309 fundraiser. Necktie Suicide, Blue Collar Hero, Blue fairy Godmothers

02/24/2005 Playmakers Pavillion fargo, ND 58103 Necktie Suicide

02/25/2005 DJ's Lincoln, ND Necktie Suicide, Toxic Shock Syndrome

03/03/2005 Avalon Ballroom Bizzartica (for the IAC) Necktie Suicide,Unlern

03/09/2005 Billiards On Broadway The Burning Season Ascend in Red Necktie Suicide Empty Promise (one of their last shows)

03/11/2005 08:00 PM - The Post Mandan, ND 58554 Omnipotent Beligerance, Necktie Suicide

03/17/2005 Ralph's Corner Bar Necktie Suicide

03/26/2005 Knights of Columbus Grand Forks, ND Necktie Suicide, The Knights of Chaos,Kentucky Sound Arsenal,7kane,Eyes Wide Daedalus,Five Star Fracture

03/31/2005 Billiards on Broadway Mommy and Daddy,Necktie Suicide and Unlern

04/08/2005 East Gate Lounge Necktie Suicide Venus in Furs

04/29/2005 Billiards On Broadway Necktie Suicide

05/06/2005 East Gate Lounge John Strand Benefit show. all procedes go to the Citizens Defense Fund

05/07/2005 VFW BATTLE OF THE HAMMS Burnt Sienna, Battle At Sea, Lost For Cause, Necktie Suicide, Cut And Run, Dude Bazooka, North To Emerson and Satans War Boner

05/13/2005 Billiards On Broadway White Knuckle Trip, Necktie Suicide, Unlern

05/14/2005 East Gate Spring Jam 2005 Green Fog Vigilante J Sauce

05/20/2005 Knights Of Columbus Grand Forks Necktie Suicide, Five Star Fracture, The Darwin Effect, The Knights of Chaos other

05/21/2005 Ralph's Corner Bar RALPH's LAST SHOW EVER!!!! Strong Like Bear Necktie Suicide Green Fog Vigilante

06/01/2005 East Gate Lounge Bobbaflex Necktie Suicide Unlern Khaos Stone

06/03/2005 Billiards On Broadway Dead To Fall (Victory Records), Twelve Tribes (Ferret Music), Fight Paris (Trustkill Records), Losa (Metal Blade), Necktie Suicide, Descry.

06/10/2005 East Gate Lounge Vindictus, Necktie Suicide

06/25/2005 Billiards On Broadway with: Bodies In The Gears Of The Apparatus, Strong Intention (old school hardcore), Internal Bleeding, Anal Blast (MPLS Grindcore), Her Seduction, and Necktie Suicide

06/25/2005 Thirsty's Devils Lake Strong Like Bear and Necktie Suicide

07/09/2005 Buckstop Junction Bismarck, ND Her Seduction, Necktie Suicide, Toxic Shock Syndrome, By this time tommorow, The Diversion Scene, Love and Warfare

08/03/2005 Playmakers Faster Pussycat,Pretty Boy Floyd and Necktie Suicide

08/11/2005 American Legion (Bearing Witness To The Fall Of Rome CD release) Necktie Suicide,American Velvet (omaha screamo rock) The Darwin Effect

08/17/2005 Billiards On Broadway The Darwin Effect, Second Hand Rose, Necktie Suicide

09/17/2005 All Star Bowl KILL EMO NOW Necktie Suicide The Darwin Effect Descry

09/29/2005 Billiards On Broadway Happy Birthday Ryknow show Dead To Fall, Necktie Suicide

10/01/2005 Great Northern Brewery (last show ever there and Jared Norris's last show) Necktie Suicide, At The Spine, Colin Spring, Strong Like Bear

10/29/2005 Thirstys Devils Lake , ND Strong Like Bear Necktie Suicide Green Fog Vigilante

10/31/2005 Billiards On Broadway Retard O Bot Necktie Suicide War On Earth Denied By Christ

11/08/2005 VFW 3 inches of Blood, Necktie Suicide

12/23/2005 All Star Bowl Rock'n Roll X-mas Necktie Suicide,Green Fog Vigilante,War On Earth

01/27/2006 - All Star Bowl Necktie Suicide Green Fog Vigilante Descry Strong Like Bear War On Earth

02/10/2006 - All Star Bowl Happy Birthday A.J Show Strong Like Bear Necktie Suicide Me and You Crew Five Star Fracture The Wrong Men Descry

02/24/2006 The Depot Norfolk,NE The Lifeless Design w/ Realitys Flaw, Necktie Suicide

03/02/2006 - Playmakers Pavillion Diversion Scene, Sleeping in Gethsemane, Necktie Suicide, Me and You Crew, and Midnight Suit

03/03/2006 The Hexagon Bar Minneapolis, MN Menendez, Death To Our Enemies, Strong Like Bear, and Necktie Suicide

03/10/2006 The American Legion Helvete Fest 2 Cephallic Carnage Anal Blast Demoicon Necktie Suicide Green Fog Vigilante Strong Like Bear

04/08/2006 The All Star Bowl Necktie Suicide Me and You Crew Greenhand Descry

04/14/2006 Battle Of The Hamms 4 Necktie Wins Battle of Hamms

04/16/2006 All Star Bowl Despised Icon Yakuza Necktie Suicide War On Earth

04/20/2006 Ricks Bar Necktie Suicide and Seventh Seal

05/13/2006 The All Star Bowl Dog fashion disco Vampire Mooose tub ring look what i did the jonbenet Necktie Suicide Green Fog Vigilante

05/19/2006 Memory Lanes Minneapolis, MN Necktie Suicide Menendez Empires

06/05/2006 All Star Bowl The Mentors Anal Blast Truculence Five Star Fracture Wreck Of Nerves

06/23/2006 The Aquarium Strong Like Bear CD Release Party!!!!! Strong Like Bear Necktie Suicide Descry

06/24/2006 St Joes Pub Rapid City, SD Juicifer (relapse records) Strong Like Bear Necktie Suicide

07/09/2006 All Star Bowl 36 Crazyfists Jacknife Autumn Offering Clifton Burn in Silence Arsonists Get all the Girls Trigger Point Necktie Suicide Descry

07/13/2006 All Star Bowl The Lifeless Design Strong Like Bear Necktie Suicide Descry The Lebowski Suite

07/24/2006 All Star Bowl Origin(relapse records) Necktie Suicide Citadel Denied By Christ Menendez

07/28/2006 The Aquarium Broken Teeth Necktie Suicide

07/29/2006 All Star Bowl Her Seduction, Necktie Suicide

07/30/2006 Station 4 Minneapolis NYDM MN Chapter Launch Party

08/02/2006 The Nestor Necktie Suicide

08/09/2006 The Nestor necktie suicide

08/11/2006 All Star Bowl Look What I Did, Folly, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Human Abstarct, Necktie Suicide, Lucid

08/12/2006 MILLE LACS METAL MADNESS 2.5 Isle, MN SI6KS Cult of the Undead Impaler Disfigure Myiasis Necktie Suicide Solace in Ashes Less Than Nothing Jaundice Expyre Sinis

08/15/2006 All Star Bowl Mankind is Obsolete, Strong Like Bear, Necktie Suicide, Wicked Darling

08/23/2006 The Nestor necktie suicide

08/26/2006 The Rock Omaha ,NE Omaha Metal Fest 3 20-bands all-day metal celebration festival

09/03/2006 All Star Bowl Dog Fashion Disco

10/17/2006 All Star Bowl Micheal Graves (former lead singer of the Misfits) Necktie Suicide

10/18/2006 VFW An Airbag Saved My Life, Necktie Suicide,Sleeping In Gethsemane, Five Star Fracture, War on Earth

11/09/2006 The Nestor FM Seen Launch Party

11/12/2006 The Aquarium Necktie Suicide Swing By Seven A Message of Bullets

12/06/2006 VFW Goatwhore, Cattle Decatpitation, and Necktie Suicide

12/15/2006 All Star Bowl college night concert/bowling series w/SOP Descry and Nex

12/22/2006 All Star Bowl Rock'n Roll X-mas Necktie Suicide, Strong Like Bear, Me and You Crew, Menendez, Battlefields, Death To Our Enemies (mpls), Dude Bazooka, Too Fast For Frank

12/27/2006 fargo vfw battlefields / necktie suicide / Five Star Fracture / crimes of the conspiracy

01/20/2007 The Fargo Theater Winter Carnival headlined by P.O.S. plus many local acts

02/16/2007 The Nestor The Wrong Men Necktie Suicide Descry

03/29/2007 The Aquarium Battlefields

04/06/2007 The Aquarium Jucifer and Strong Like Bear

04/07/2007 The Nestor Necktie Suicide

04/27/2007 The Aquarium Strong Like Bear (Last Show Ever), Necktie Suicide, Battlefields

05/05/2007 The Nestor KNDS After Party FaceCage, Necktie Suicide

05/06/2007 The Aquarium Cyn1c's Birthday FACECAGE NECKTIE SUICIDE, THE WRONG MEN, and BLIND JOE

05/26/2007 08:00 PM - The Nestor Necktie Suicide Plus others.

07/06/2007 Red Raven Desperation Taste Of Silver Any Day

07/08/2007 The Aquarium Rosetta Battlefields and Thundersaw

07/19/2007 The Aquarium Necktie Suicide A Night At The Formal CD Release Necktie Suicide Drop The Soap War On Earth Masada

07/19/2007 The Aquarium Necktie Suicide CD Release Necktie Suicide Christopher Walken Overdrive Nine Eyes

07/20/2007 The Terminal Bar Minneapolis, Minnesota

11/10/2007 All Star Bowl Necktie Suicide's LAST SHOW Look What I Did, Lye By Mistake, War On God, Necktie Suicide

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