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Practiced every day, but played only about 5 shows a year. Guitar player and singer didn't want to be 'overexposed' in Fargo, yet didn't want to play anywhere else. However, it should be noted that the guitar player in question suspects that this information was provided by Chris Meier. Chris Meier quit the band and was replaced on bass by Jason Larson, former singer of The Fates. At that point, Model Citizen demonstrated a willingness to play anywhere else by moving to Minneapolis in late 1990. Model Citizen played many shows ranging from good (The Fine Line and the Uptown) to utterly humiliating (Crossroads, twice). The four song demo recorded by the band did not result in any attractive monetary offers. The band broke up when the one year lease at the band house expired.


Opened for Gear Daddies, Circle Jerks, and Soul Asylum. Guitar player promoted two Henry Rollins shows in the Fargo/Moorhead area.


Kam, Pete, and Jason play in a band called The Go Buttons. Nathan lives in Edina, MN with his wife and two children and is working in an area unrelated to the music industry.


Unreleased four song demo cassette.

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