Mike Weiler

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  • Numerous run-ins with law enforcement while touring with Slippy McGee.
  • Was shot in the leg during a post-show riot in Mankato, MN.
  • Punched Michael Stipe (REM) in the back of the head in 1990. However, other contemporaries of Weiler recall a story in which he touched Michael Stipe’s “greasy hair”. It seems possible that this story morphed into “punched Michael Stipe in the back of the head”.
  • Enjoys cheese and Melrose Place.
  • People who worked with him remember him developing the perhaps quixotic notion that touring from a base in Fargo was financially viable. This idea was bolstered by an Option magazine article featuring Dag Nasty and other independent bands of the day.
  • Ripped many local bands off when it came time to pay.
  • It should be noted that some people who were around Michael during his Fates/record store employee days have rather fonder memories of him than the ones listed here.

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