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AKA: Spooky, Sparky



When I was living in St. Cloud I scheduled December's Children to come down and play a party at the house I was living in. The house was packed and the party quickly got out of hand. By the end of the evening the house was completely destroyed. Holes punched in walls, bathroom fixtures tore from walls, basement flooded, graffiti all over, windows broken, etc.

Mark was playing bass for December's Children and in the morning I was in a funk trying to figure out how I was going to explain this one to my landlord. We were sitting around the destroyed living room amongst the rubble and Mark picked up my acoustic guitar and started playing and singing songs. He did J. J. Cale's The River and as the sun shone in from a window on him he did an impromptu version of John Denver's "Sunshine on my Shoulder." My spirits were temporarily lifted until the doorbell rang and I answered the door to find my landlord standing there with someone he was showing the house to. He walked in and saw the rumpled and hungover crew of December's Children and posse sitting amidst the destroyed house and just nodded his head repeating, "great, this is great." He toured the house and walked out. I didn't get my deposit back. (Andy Bahn)

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