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A band that lasted nearly 10 years, KumKwat began as a joke in 1993. When the boys were only 14, they were touring around ND and MN and had their first recording out by 1996. KumKwat never got much love from their hometown fans (who mostly enjoyed hardcore or straight edge punk music). The band parted ways in 2001, when the members went their seperate directions. KumKwat Band Mates Derrik Sovak and Justin Auch now play together in Fair Enough (Grand Forks, ND)


  • Derrik Sovak - Guitar/Vocals
  • Justin Auch - Bass/Vocals
  • Kristopher Barnes - Drums


  • 1996 First Studio Sessions
  • 1997 Third Place - Minot High School Battle of the Bands
  • 1998 Live and Wasted Tour
  • 1999 Live and Wasted Tour
  • 2001 Live and Wasted Tour
  • 2002 Final Show - Grand Forks, ND


  • Always playing for less money than it cost to get there.


  • "A Rude Display of Bodly Functions" - 1997 - Promise 57 Records
  • "Y2KumKwat" - 1999 - WC Records

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