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hi i'm jim. i live in florida. i played bass in the krebscouts. pat was never actually in the band, he just sang on stage with us for no reason. weez too. ok so it was originally dan, ben, nate, leif and me but leif never showed up for practice so i took over on bass and willy replaced nate who was replaced with joe who was replaced with nate again. our first show was in july 96 at one of those parks in west fargo ski used to run shows at. the crumbs from miami played too. then we played with filled with disgust (cody anderson, jon gray, leif nygard and ski) and afi in some basement in west fargo. bla bla bla, dan joined the army, i hopped a train, we played a very drunken reunion show at the second testicle fest at gooseberry, and nobody cares. it was fun though.

love, jim rosario




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