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By utilizing application like a keylogger, you will be able to privately keep track of all key strokes which are applied for your laptop or computer. By doing this, data for example security passwords and logon names will be logged as the program operates subtly in the background processes of your pc, working unseen to any person other than the person who installed this software. One of the finest benefits of having a keylogger set up on your own computer is that it's going to not show up as a computer's desktop icon, and as the software is operating, no additional programs that are operating simultaneously will be in any way affected. By operating in stealth form, the application is completely undetected and will not be found in the listing of running processes on your own PC.

Making use of such computer software, you will be in a position to carefully evaluate all information which is logged, even in screen capture file format if you want, so you will have the ability to uncover security passwords and logon names which are being applied on your own laptop or computer. The facts documented by the key logger software program can be e-mailed to you so you can unhurried look at the findings at a time and location that is easy to you without you having to be there at the location of the pc that is being closely watched. Not only will the application keep track of records of security passwords and user account names, but it will also record screen-shots of all the online discussions from social networking web sites, and also all emails which have been both received and sent on your own computer. All internet sites visited, all of the folders opened and all of the pictures viewed may be documented by key logging applications.

The process concerned in the installation of keylogger program is the following:

1. Create a log file 2. Choose "start captures" 3. Choose "run in stealth mode"

As you may see, it is clear that the process of the way to keylogger is a very very simple one. Once installed, the program is not going to be visible on virtually any lists of operating processes on your own computer, nor will it appear since a desktop icon. All of the additional programs that are working on your own PC will be unaffected by the existence of the hidden keylogger. Subsequently, you could be guaranteed that this discreet computer software will continue to be unnoticed in its process and invisible in its functioning, making it a great tool if you wish to look at the activities of your own computer.

Therefore, you will be able to log details of all the computer activities including all the online activity, regardless of whether attempts are made by the users to eliminate proof of their browsing history. On this basis, you'll be able to gather evidence of data like all of the email messages sent and received, security passwords of all of the e-mail and social networking accounts, all internet sites visited etc. Also, it should be mentioned that an essential feature is that these can all of the be documented in both screen-capture format and log format.

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