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Jarafuho is a funk-hop band from Fargo-Moorhead that was in existence from October 2006 until May 2007. They were unique in their fusion of hip-hop, beatboxing, funk and jazz. They released one album, entitled 41:21


(from the band's myspace page)

Nick Taylor is the founding member of Jarafuho. He would frequently invite Quinn over to his palace and force him to drink liquors. Nick would say "freestyle" and Quinn would have no choice but to "spit fat syllables" while Nick rocked guitar and beatboxed. This was fun, but something was missing. (It was Nick's set of car keys. He found them later.) ---Eventually, Nick and Quinn saw Scott perform at an unplugged show at MSUM's Underground. He massaged sexy funk sounds from his bass guitar like a musical prostitute. It was then that Nick and Quinn knew they had to kidnap him. ---Upon their release from jail (for kidnapping), Nick and Quinn convinced Scott to jam with them on the condition that they stop kidnapping him. Scott brought along Corey for protection and unstoppable jungle rhythms. Corey is a dope drummer. ---The four guys jammed weekly for a month in a dangerous tower in Nick's palace, stealing music from the air and eating life-threatening amounts of sunflower seeds. Jarafuho's first show took place at the All Star Bowl (a MEISA event). They funk-hopped for a well-dressed crowd of beautiful men and women who clapped with vigor after each song.


Live Performance

They are known for their energetic live shows, that blend funky originals, melodic jams, hip-hop anthems, peppered with an eclectic array of covers.

Venues they have played at include:

They have also performed on the MSUM campus multiple times.


  • The Young Rascals - "Good Loving"
  • Rage Against The Machine - "Bombtrack"
  • The Doors - "Peace Frog"
  • Led Zeppelin - "Fool in the Rain"
  • Sublime - "What I Got"
  • Chuck Berry - "You Can't Catch Me"


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