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Phil currently lives in Glyndon, MN with his wife Jessica and their six pets (one dog, five cats) and is considering getting a few goats and chickens to round out the family. He continues to cling to the street cred that yahtzeen earned him even though there is hardly a person under the age of 30 that has heard of it.

Phil is currently attempting to raise a million dollars with yet another of his hare-brained ideas with the site One Measly Dollar.


  • Possibly booked the first "punk" show in the FM area in 1984 when he brought in Washington states Vampire Lezbos to play a show in the Dilworth Community Center. Locals The Blacklisted and The Crowd opened. A video of the show exists although the last time the Vampire Lezbos came to town he mistakingly "borrowed" it to them.
  • The reason godheadsilo has no guitar player...Phil. After playing the first show with them (upstairs at the Moose Lodge) Mike Kunka and he had a falling out over playing a basement show for a friend (Roger Hastings). Phil quit. The band continues on without and...well you know the rest of that story.
  • Has possession of the "sticker door" from the now closed Ralph's Corner Bar.

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