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  • Andrew Johnson (1998-2001, scrap metal, tape manipulation, contact mics, effects pedals, computer processing and editing)


Andrew Johnson began recording as D-503 in 1998, after abandoning his previous UNIVAC project. His initial recordings were cassettes of freeform noise improvisations layered into eachother with a karaoke machine, later a computer was acquired to make editing more precise. With his friend Brady Daley he started the Lucha Libre Recordings label to release their output. The project was abandoned in 2002, and Andrew now records under the name Edwin Perry Manchester.




  • "Pop Tunes?" Lucha Libre Recordings
  • D-503/Anaphylaxis "Split" Lucha Libre Recordings
  • D-503/Andy Kisaragi "Live Improv February 2001" Lucha Libre Recordings
  • Jason Campbell/D-503 "Split" Mermetic Museum Recordings
  • V/A "Kläng 1" Fognin and One Brain Records
  • V/A "Verweisung" Pigdog Recordings
  • V/A "YSQ1" Yuffie's Sub Quest
  • V/A "Time Capsule Volume 2" FDR Recordings
  • V/A "Eat Dead Flies 1" Eat Dead Flies
  • V/A "Su Pollard Deconstruction" nCr
  • V/A "Rainbow of Goodness 11" Odd Productions
  • V/A "Kläng 3" Fognin and One Brain Records
  • V/A "Critical Approaches to American Music" Anaphylactic Shock Recordings
  • V/A "Untitled Monsta Related Compilation" Yuffie's Sub Quest
  • V/A "Two Ducks on a Truck" Hospital Productions
  • V/A "1975: Franco is Dead" Hinyouki

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