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In the summer of 2009, a project called "A Magician Among the Spirits" formed between guitarists Ryan Nichols (ex An Embrace of Angels) and Clint Kliewer (ex Hoof & Horn). James Dravitz was slated to play drums, but the group only ever got together a total of one time. The project was marred by slow progress due to over 200 miles of separation between band members. After a few months of little or no activity, James and Clint formed Ceiling Walker in September of 2009. Dane, from the Daleks, joined on bass in October of the same year. Roughly 2 weeks later (and about 3 practice sessions with Dane), they recorded a 5 song demo. Their first show would be November 21st at the MSUM Underground's Battle of the Bands. Dane left the band in early 2010 and the band played as a two piece until Ethan Ekeland (As of Yet) joined on bass in late 2011.



2009 Demo (Recorded by the band)

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