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Taking cues from Fugazi, to The Jesus Lizard, to REM and the Pixies, these guys thought they could do it all. And they could. Behind closed doors, or for short snippets of rolling tape. Too bad they choked live. It scared them off from all performance thereafter, as a solid 3some. Xtopher, later joined by his wife Hannah, and friends Ryan and others, proved semi-successful elsewhere as Twig's Tricycle and in more recent years, Sigliosi (also see Xtophers label, ) but GF was not their home for much longer. After the effective demise of BC (though they still jammed in private, smoke filled rooms), Xtopher stinted as bass/guitar fill for the missing Moon (Jeff Lunak) in the Free Jesse lineup.



Radio Play on NDSU.


Cases of 4-track junk, and some very very embarassing video footage.

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