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Previous Members


  • Formed in Moorhead, MN in 2003.
  • Briefly known as the Jug Band Ghost Band, then JBGB's before settling on the Blue Fairy Godmothers.


  • Popgun
    "[The] Blue Fairy Godmothers are 90-proof pop music, and their debut [the Popgun EP]... is the music equivalent of a summer popcorn movie with a fresh take on the car chase kicking off the third act, with Ben Folds as the optimistic LAPD detective trying to catch a Blue Album-era Weezer who've made off with his piano licks. And, good Lord, it's fun as hell. 'Popgun' is the feel good hit of the same summer you dumped that body into the lake; Rivers Cuomo hates himself for letting someone else beat him to writing 'How Much Of A Jerk'; and 'Just Let it Happen' is like pure, guilt-free casual sex, with Bernie Taupin furiously taking notes in your closet. The Godmothers make absolutely no apologies for spending their waking hours searching for the perfect melody, and they should treat the idea of doing so like it's a spinal tap... their maiden recording is better than the pop haters deserve, and exactly what the rest of us need in the moments before the room starts spinning and you realize how much you missed your radio."
    Chris Rausch, Associate Music Editor for the HPR.

  • Getting Used to Disappointment & We're Going Down to the Basement
    "Why release two full-length albums at the same time? "Because we could," says vocalist and keyboard player John Berdahl. True that – though not all that is capable is advisable. In this case, however, the dual releases give some insight to the Godmothers' instincts. "Disappointment" shows its art-pop side, with field noise and quirky spoken-word samples hanging on acoustic guitar lines. "Basement" is a set of moody dance songs that swings from exuberant to glum and back, bringing to mind The Cars. It's hard to imagine anyone but contrarians preferring the former over the latter."
    Article written by Dave Roepke, The Forum, Published Tuesday, April 24, 2007

  • Soft Bone
    "The Moorhead-based band’s new record is absolutely exquisite. Much like the their old records, “Soft Bone” is enjoyably animated, justly quirky and at times strange. But perhaps what’s made our community gush for these blue fairies – after all these years – is their ability to create catchy rock tunes that are wonderfully artistic and charming."
    Diane Miller, Editor for the HPR, July 18, 2013.


  • April 2003 [Various Times] Fine Arts Day @ Moorhead Senior High School
  • Sep 10 2004 9:00P The Fargo Theater
  • Sep 11 2004 10:00P Ralph's Corner Bar
  • May 6 2005 10:00P VFW
  • Aug 2 2005 5:00P Atomic Coffee, MN
  • Sep 3 2005 7:00P The Great Northern
  • Sep 8 2005 7:00P VFW
  • Sep 22 2005 12:00P MHCI PARTY!
  • Mar 17 2005 5:00P Playmakers Pavillion
  • Feb 15 2006 9:00P UMD Campus
  • Jun 4 2006 11:00P The Aquarium
  • Mar 31 2007 6:00P MSUM Photo Guild Raffle @ the Aquarium
  • Apr 28 2007 9:00P CD Release @ the Aquarium
  • May 5 2007 8:00P KNDS Fundraiser @ The Fargo Theater
  • Jun 22 2007 9:00P The Nestor
  • Jul 2 2007 9:00P The Aquarium
  • Jul 4 2007 3:00P 4th of July Celebration @ MSUM Campus
  • Sep 6 2007 10:00P The Aquarium
  • Nov 9 2007 11:45 P Dragons After Dark presents Pajamarama! @ the MSUM CMU
  • Jan 5 2008 11:30 P w/ North to Emerson @ The Aquarium
  • Feb 14 2008 10:00 P - Gritz and Glitz Fashion Show @ The Aquarium
  • July 20 2013 10:00 P 10 Year Anniversary and Soft Bone CD Release Party @ The Aquarium



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