Black Eyed Susan

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Black Eyed Susan formed, broke up, reformed, broke up and reformed again between 1991 and 1996. Originally, in its first incarnation, BES wanted to be an actual self-promoting band like any other, but in their second and third incarnations, BES evolved into self-depracating communist pinkos who refused to take money for shows. They lived only off the proceeds from tip jars but made enough to buy new band equipment and lots of beer. They lived by the credo set out on the Seargent Pepper's album: "You're such a lovely audience, we'd like to take you home with us", and they frequently did so with late-night gallon-of-wine binges back at Dan Edwards' hovel where the Pixies and My Bloody Valentine played late into the night and the cops made regular house calls asking Dan to turn it down and 'My God, how can you live this way?' They made an attempt to play punk music on folk instruments which occasionally got them labelled as hippy-dippy, earthy-crunchy tree-huggers. John McBride did not play a trap-set, but sat on the floor with about 150 percussion instruments. Aaron Poochigian played bass, Dan Edwards played a hollow-body electric guitar and Adam Kaul who also sang played acoustic. Becca Rice played accordion and sang, and Chad Baldner played fiddle. Aaron, Becca and Adam wrote the tunes, but they also covered the Violent Femmes, U2, The Cars, and The GoGos. By some strange feat of physics, they could fit all of their band equipment in Adam's Geo Metro.



Opened up for Lois, The Drovers, The Blue Up, and Medeski, Martin